Dec 4, 2012

Shall I Name It The Balmorikat???

How can it be that only a couple of hours after reading THIS - THIS happened:

You know - in a hurry, in a store - and suddenly there was the whole bulk of cards in my hands when I opened the mini. Plus the ring mechanism itself! I swallowed hardly, already knowing what was going on, and just stuck it to the bottom of my bag. I didn't even want to look at it when I came back home.

After a couple of hours, however (probably when the steam got off my head?) I gathered the courage and did the autopsy anyway. And guess what I noticed?

The ring mechanism, despite being obviously broken off the metal in the spine of the binder, has small metal tags that match the place where they were broken off. Which means - yes, I can reattach them!!! :)
(And I guess I have finally gotten the clue as to how the Ikat conversion into a ringless clutch works...)

It works for now, the mechanism still holding on in there... Hm, let's see how it behaves in action, OK?
Please keep your fingers crossed, and I'll update you on it in a couple of days!