Aug 14, 2012

Pretty Little Things #8

After two years (!), finally at the beautiful, exquisite Sushimama with my sister again!

Want some more? Beware, it's DELICIOUS!

It Is Getting Started...

... and I'm so excited! :)


Aug 8, 2012

A Formula Of Falling In Love - And It Works For A Filofax, Too!

I'll be on a short break till Sunday and I wanted to make at least one "bigger" post before I leave, but just didn't make it. 
This is why I'm leaving you with a bit of thinking instead:

My professor of Social Psychology explained falling in love with a formula that goes something like this:


I can't help but confirm it ever since. Even when it comes to Filofaxes!!!

Seriously, apply it to one of your Filofax purchases and see! Agree? :)  

PS. I guess this is the key to enabling, too? 

Aug 6, 2012

Friday'sFilofaxPoll Results!

Before I sum up the results, let me just share this: it's an amazing feeling when you publish a poll and get such an instant response from the readers! Thank you, you are awesome!!!

And here's the results: hm, only 16% of you DO stash up on a certain beloved Filofax model.

Well, me too! :)
Amazona, Piccadilly, lovely lovely Baroque, the certainly underrated Finsbury Zip that I have in all colours... but shhh, I should not tell it all! ;)

Have a nice week and stay for some more posts to come*

Aug 3, 2012

Friday's Filofax Poll #5

Good morning, my dear friends,

it's been a while and it's time to start again! :)

So please, take a sip of your coffee, join the poll and let me know:

have you ever bought a "copy" of your already present Filofax organiser (meaning the same model, size and colour) just because you loved it and wanted to have a back up (or just in case this particular model vanishes from the planet)?