Jul 31, 2012

Pretty Little Things #7

I'm so fascinated... and it made me question myself: am I capable of such a strong love, too?

Jul 12, 2012

Friday's Filofax Poll Results: You Stalker You!

Hello, dearies,
this week took me a bit longer to sum up the results; my sister's wedding is due next week so you can imagine my Filofax is bursting sparks from to-do's overload and the frequency and speed of my page-turning!

Anyway, here are the results to the question what kind of a Filofax buyer you are:

* 5% of you are absolute impulse buyers,
* 8 % of you decide in a day or two,
* 13% of you take a week or so to see a binder, like it, want it and buy it,
* 51% stalk upon the liked one for weeks on blogs and other web sites and
* 21% buy 1 or even less a year.

Great and interesting results, aren't they? A BIG THANK YOU to all 37 participants for taking your time - you really made my day!

Jul 10, 2012

Pretty Little Things #6

A part of my everyday's walk to work - magical mornings!

Jul 6, 2012

Friday's Filofax Poll #4

Good morning, sweeties,

another Friday, another nosy question of mine!

Are you an impulse Filofax buyer? Or do you make a case study on your new-binder-to-be before actually purchasing one?

I'd love to hear your answers and comments! Thank you, and have a great Friday*

Jul 4, 2012

I Trade A Personal Finchley In Teal For A ...

Hello everybody,

now this is going to be  one strange post, you have been warned! :-)

Lately, thanks to my fellow bloggers and Filofax addicts, I've been lusting over a certain Filofax. And, OF COURSE, it is another discontinued binder that is hard to find!

So I had to be inventive: how do I get one, what offer to make to maybe persuade someone to give hers away? :-)

I hope the offer is challenging (and fair) enough, because I chose to trade one of the lovely, very much sought after (and discontinued) Filofaxes as well:

I trade my Personal Finchley in Teal for a Personal Baroque in Turquoise. 

Let's see what happens: anyone willing to trade? :-)

Jul 3, 2012

Friday's Filofax Poll Results: Is There Such Thing As A Filofax Cemetery?

Hello my friends,

here we have the results of the last Friday's poll asking about ruining Filofaxes: 3 people out of 27 (which is interesting 12%, mind you!) DID ruin a Filofax helplessly in their Filofax career so far!
(And thank you very much guys for taking part in the poll, I really appreciate it! Nothing is as precious as another person's response...)

These last results therefore led me wondering, where do broken Filofax binders go? Is there such thing as a Filofax Cemetery?

Jul 1, 2012

End Of June: Sand In My Daugther's Little Hands, In My Jeans And In My Filofax

June is over, and I wish it had lasted a bit longer.
Because June is when the lime trees scent the evenings. June is when peonies on the marketplace remind me of my grandma's house and my childhood. June is when my heartbeat slows down and melts with the beat of the lazy city preparing for the hot long summer.
June is when I can spend my free mornings with my little girl in the sandbox and afternoons in the shade of the ancient old trees, watching her sitting proudly on a swing all on her own in the soft afternoon light.

And since June is also time for my faded jeans and new flip-flops... well, then June surely is time for a new Filofax, too!

I love leather binders, not only because they are so very tactile but because they seem so reliable, too, in keeping all my records. But, see, since everything seems to be moving into a lighter version these days - my binder did, too.

I'm talking about Personal Filofax Urban in Slate; it's an old (and again a discontinued - such a pattern here!) model I heard much praise about, and on flickr there are some good shots of it, while Nancy re-designed hers geniously.
And so having read all these quite a while ago, one day, trying to choose my "summer filo", the idea of the Urban came to my mind. It just seemed a perfect binder to accompany a holdall filled not only with my urban paraphernalia but mostly with my daughter's toys, bottles, biscuits and growing collection of pointy stones. Definitely not a place for the Amazona in Almond that I intended to use in the summer when still deep back in the cold winter!

I must say that I'm more than pleased with it: it is lightweight, has the same internal layout as the Amazona has plus a handy zip pocket on the back outside, and the canvas is lovely made; I wasn't too keen on the colour first when I saw it online, but it is a nice light shade of grey, much more feminine than I expected (and prepared myself for it to be).

So let the pictures do the rest of the talking! Here's my Urban in action:

As my setup usually stays the same not matter which binder is currently active, the only thing I did change were my dividers; given the binder's name, colour and materials I went for something urban and cheery and tore some ads out of the magazines and just glued them on the original Filofax dividers. 

As I already mentioned above, there's a handy zippered outside pocket on the back of the binder. It is a gusseted one, too, so you could use it for coins if you used this one as a wallet, too; I just keep my driving licence in there (and please remind me where it is if I happen to forget I put it in here, haha)!

 (please forgive the bananas and pears, I meant to capture the Urban in action only! :-)  )

There. A huge fan of a Personal size, I guess I could say that I'm filofax-done for the summer. But that would be just plain old boring, wouldn't it? :-)
Apart from my Compact experiment that is still to be run, I'm also still trying to figure the Pocket size in my spare time.
So if I promised plans B and C last time - I think the alphabet is only getting longer from post to post, haha!

(But since these funny little things named Filofax make my day... what the heck , right?)