Nov 14, 2011

"Your Filofax Is Your Personal Space"

(one of the reminders on Filofax inserts says.)

I was thinking about anticipation in yesterday's post, and later it crossed my mind that to be able to anticipate, one has to be patient at least to some extent. Hmmm. :)

I must confess patience is something I keep putting on my wish-lists, being impulsive as I am (too much fire, too much fire in my sign, hehe)! But sometimes being impulsive also means being productive and this post is my proof! :)
I decided to make a simple post on my main Filofax, just to add some flavour to the waiting - hope you enjoy it!

Here, this is my so called main Filofax at the moment:

It wasn't difficult to name it, was it?! It's Personal Amazona in Black, a Filofax I've been watching in their  store since I can remember! But I always found it just too elegant for me (not to mention the price) and didn't go into action until I saw this video from lovely Imy. I was beyond smitten and had to have it in a matter of minutes, powered by panic as well, since they're being discontinued! I had to order from US though (and well, in the end it took much, much more than those minutes, thanks to our courier service that, after all possible complications, also mixed the packages! Can you imagine expecting this no-nonsense Amazona just to open the package and end up with an old, stainy notebook with someone's instructions on how to use the Windows system written in every detail all over it??? That episode took years off my life, I can assure you!).

I must admit I couldn't use it straight away - there was something in the way it looked at me out of the box, its black eye glistening like this, and my then-main-filofax (one day I'll tell you about it!) was such a cuddly teddy bear! But I decided to start using it at the end of October, with clocks being returned back to winter time and days being darker. And am not afraid of it anymore! :)

Here, let's take the short tour!

This is my opening page; various cards, post-its and a reminder to make a wish every day - because they really do come true!!!

 At the back of the plastic envelope is a sheet with my personal info (covered) and the obligatory Filofax page on returning lost Filofaxes. I believe everybody has entered their code onto it, but it seems impossible to find out what the reward for the one who returns the found Filofax is! Anyone?

This is my variation of "assorted sticky notes"; the original ones look just fabulous, but I heard they're quite chunky (are they?) and I also have sooooo many of mine already... The right page is one of my general To Do lists; I write my major tasks and plans here.

My everyday To Do's are written in my planner, which is the standard week-on-two-pages diary. I find this layout works the best for me and such To Do's are most likely to actually get done.

When purchasing one of my Filofaxes on eBay, I received yearly planner as a gift (lovely, isn't it!); I outlined the 2012 and put some major appointments in, we'll see how it works out!

Apart from my planner, I use my Filofax as a holdall for many of my things. You can imagine I struggle for space in it, I cram it full with things and abuse its capacity shamelessly! But I love it that way, at least for now!

Pictured below is my Money section (I love those arrow tabs!), with an envelope for receipts I made from an envelope - and it works surprisingly well!

 I keep a journal in my Filofax as well. I found out it's the only way I get to write it at all, and besides, sometimes it's quite an educational read when I wait for an appointment! :))  Check out another arrow tab!

For the same reason I keep various ongoing challenges in my Filofax as well: they just don't get done otherwise! After I finish them, they are transferred somewhere else (I'll tell you about that one day, too!). Note here that I record them on a week-on-two-pages diary which is turned around so I don't mix it with my main diary! Well, this is no new age trick, I just "happen" to have so many current standard diaries and I couldn't find any other use for them... Cheap? No, it's environment friendly! ;)

 At the back of my Amazona is a plastic credit card holder and an envelope, for my random bits I just can't get rid of...

And here is the view of the top of my darling:

 Now, this set up is far from being the last or the perfect one, knowing myself, it'll be a work in progress for quite some time! I want to elaborate my sections better among other things and find some nicer pens for it (where did all those pink come from all of a sudden??)... But that is one of the joys of Filofaxes - the constant arranging and customising of them!

I have some more sections in my Filofax, but I didn't want to bother you too much with them - like I said: this is just a short tour, so the waiting at the mailbox doesn't get too dull - and what better way to cheer it up than taking a peek into someone's organizer? I love doing that! :)

Now, at the end of the post, to keep you motivated and interested and wanting a bit more (hopefully): this sweet Amazona has a brother. And it has a sister, too!

So stay tuned! ;)


  1. I love the looks of your Amazona, I wonder who else i know has an Amazona in personal black? hehe xxxx

  2. The Amazona's are stunning! Great post--welcome to the "addiction" er, I mean CLUB! ;o)

  3. Am loving those arrows....are they paperclips? Where are they from please....I need some now!!

  4. @Imy - I never heard of anyone else owning a Personal Amazona in Black! hehehehehe xxxxxx

    @Rori - thank you, and also for stopping by, I'm sneaking around your Filofax reports quite often as they are GREAT! :) It's so great to have such a club to belong to! :)

    @Sally - thank you for reading! :) those arrows are plastic paperclip-like bookmarks, I usually customize them with stickers, nail-art or just write on them with a permanent marker.
    You can find them here:
    And come around again! :)

  5. @sally - sorry, the correct link is this one:!

  6. I've been on the hunt for an affordable personal Amazona in brown or black. Yours is gorgeous!!!!!

  7. Thanks, Doris!
    May I suggest... I'd opt for the black one; I have a pre-owed brown one and I'd say it has worn rather badly; OK, I'm sure it was quite abused before, but the discoloration of the leather is not really nice years after, and I read somewhere someone complaining the same. I also heard similar about the red one, while noone said that about the black and almond one. Hint-hint! ;)

  8. A girl after my own heart -- I was leaning towards the black as well, and the almond is hard to find so I have close to given up on it. Thanks for the reply! Sooo helpful!