Nov 24, 2011

The Dominoes

I was never too keen on Dominoes when they first appeared; I always expected a Filofax to be... I don't know, substantial? You know, a safe fortress for all your notes in the years to come, while a Domino seemed more like a tent to me!

But then I came across some bargains, of course, so now I own a pocket Domino in Snake and two personals - in Slate and in Ultraviolet. The one in Snake is one of my "Sleeping Beauties" (= my expression for a Filofax that is not currently in use!), while the personals do their duties: the Ultraviolet is my Desperate Housewife Binder and the Slate is my Excellence book. Interested to peek further into them?

I'm not the one to find the Ultraviolet colour "stunning" (and it is not as in picture here, here it is way more blue than in reality!), but have bought it on eBay, disguised as an A5 which I was searching for. I only rolled my eyes when the personal-sized package appeared! So it got another assignment: to be my household binder. I use it for filing my bills, mail, receipts, postcards, coupons etc.

It is a very simple, totally non-glamourous task and setup, based on my good experience with previously used folders, similar to this one:
I used one each year and in the end of December just wrote the year on it and archived it with all of its contents. They were working great for me for years now, but well, if I'm already on the mission of Filofaxialization of my house...!

So, the only and basic principle is: the A - Z dividers, and this is also the only binder where I actually use them non-modified.

I file my mail according to the first letter (mail from faculty? behind the F it goes, and so on) and usually don't have much trouble retrieving certain pages. OK, I spend a bit more time sometimes as I make quite dumb creative decisions in associating the letter to the matter! ;)

I only put two top tabs in this one, and those are the "Bills" and "Recipes". I punched an envelope for the bills, so I keep the proofs of them being payed in it.
And the Recipes, haha! I'm not an aspiring cook, but I keep a few recipes from my mum's and sister's cuisine, you know, those who never fail! :)

My Slate, like I said, is my so called Excellence Book - the whole idea came from this wonderful site. I love quality self-improvement articles, challenges and workbooks and so I thought I'll put my notes into one  binder to keep them together. I expect this binder will develop into an interesting personal journey book! ;)

Since I got this idea only recently, it is not very full or elaborated yet - I only transferred a few challenges' notes in it so far, while I keep those ongoing ones in my Amazona - or they'd never get done!  

The last picture shows the "crafty department" at the back of my Slate - I'm not a very handy person, but I'm so inspired by how neatly other people inhabit their organizers I thought I'd give it a try!

Here, you have just met my two honeys that will help me reach personal perfection and domestic bliss in no time, hehe! ;)  As you can see, there's so much to be added - the pockets are all empty! But knowing myself, it is just a question of time when they'll be bursting full of things - abuser as I am, pssst! ;)

I started this post telling you I really wasn't that into the Domino model. But there is one thing I must state: I think the Domino interior is just awesome! It feels refreshing and relaxed to me and I saw the most colourful, creative and fun interiors of other users exactly there - in Dominos! Maybe it's because they are low-priced range and one isn't afraid of potentially ruining them - but I really don't care about the reasons! :)

Therefore... I often get the notion people mostly use their Domino as a storage binder. And I say - stop! It's far too cute for that!

Or do you disagree? I would love to hear your comment!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the updates :-)

    I wasn't a big Domino fan, until I saw a post about a slate grey one - they are lovely. Mine arrived at work yesterday, so I will be getting it on Monday and am really looking forward to it. I currently have a green one which is used as a storage binder, as I'm just really not that keen on the colour...

  2. I use my three A5 dominoes, but my personal sized one is just for storage at the moment because I appear to have the *only* domino in the universe that doesn' lie flat!
    Lovely to see yours!

  3. @LJ - thank you for motivating me! ;)

    I,too, chose the Domino because of the slate colour, isn't it cool? Oh, right, you'll see that on Monday - what a great start of the week! And I admire you for your patience, I'd have a rash all over me till Monday, knowing how impatient I am! :) Please let me know how you like your new beau!

    PS And give your green one a chance, please - dominoes are Filofaxes that need to be open! :)

  4. @Amanda - thank you, and I have never ever heard of a Domino that wouldn't lie flat indeed! I think you should treat this one really carefully - one day it will be a truly expensive vintage hit! ;)

  5. I love the whole idea of filofaxes, period! And I think that there is one for everybody! I wasn't a big fan of these but I've seen a few on blog (like this!) that make me rethink them!


  6. My personal sized purple Dopamine, is my shopping list, trasdeperson contacts, tax info, and wishlist book. it comes with us when we do our grocery shopping, or when we are on the look out for new furniture! it is a very handy and much used binder