Dec 23, 2011

When holes are needed...

... I happily make them!
Of course, I'm talking about the ways to punch your Filofax pages!

For a long time, I have used this one. You know it very well, don't you?

I know people mostly don't like this one, but I must say I found it useful for hole-punching a page every now and then (but certainly cannot imagine using it for punching a whole DIY yearly diary!). I also found that an A5 puncher is much easier to use (it opens with less effort), while the personal is quite a struggle.

Then one day I came across this one it is by Maped and it is called "Punchito" (I love the name!):

Basically it is an ordinary hole punch,  but it is a "mono one", meaning that it only punches one hole at a time, which is great if you want to adjust the spacing between the holes. Originally it is meant to be placed on the rings and punch the paper accordingly, but I couldn't figure out how to do that because  I couldn't fixate it on the rings and so I only made a mess out of hole punching consequently!

So this is how I adopted the patent: I chose the template and drawn the dots on the paper I wanted to punch holes in. I then punched the holes using the transparent bottom of the puncher so I could see where the drawn dots were.

And I punch! The fit is nice:

With some practice it goes really quickly, and the "tooth" of the puncher is a firm metal one which means that the holes will definitely be punched! 
I think the package said it can punch 2 - 4 sheets at a time, which I think is not bad either... so, are you going to try it? :)

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