Dec 21, 2011

Filofax Storage vs Sleeping Beauties

(I couldn't believe it when I saw it was almost a month since I last posted! But it has not been a lazy time, a lot has been going on Filofax-wise! Don't forget to come and check it out!)

Dear readers, how is your advent countdown going? I couldn't resist being a bit nostalgic, so I punched a Milka chocolate wrap advent calendar and put it into my Filofax! 

 With new year approaching (and to continue my plea not to use Filofax binders for storage because they're just too pretty for that), I thought it is only natural to make a post about how I store old Filofax pages. 

I have a very simple way for doing it, but it has worked out just fine for me so far.

I use plastic document folders; you know, those simple plastic folders with two thin metal tabs in the middle that you put through the paper holes and then bend to fixate the paper. 

They usually come in the ordinary multicolour range, so it was more than a pleasant surprise when I found these at a local paper shop!

So, the procedure is as follows: I draw a line inside the plastic folder in the size of the paper I want to store (to be accurate, a bit larger - depending on how much paper I want to store), drawing the line so that the binding "mechanism" is exactly in the middle of it. And then just the scissors and the right sized storage binder is here!

I then just add a label of the inserts that will go in - and it is done!

I keep these in a box in my Filofax drawer, while the empty Filofaxes that I don't use currently get to sleep in their silky tissues in their boxes. No, no storage work for them, they are my Sleeping Beauties and will only go out when their One (special assignment) comes by! :) 

I hope you find this little idea helpful... And there are many great others over at philofaxy!

And before I go - I must share this sight: everybody - come to our lovely Ljubljana! :)


  1. OK OK - I get it!!! I will get a box to store all my spare inserts and stop being mean to my green domino (even though I don't really like the colour . I may have to do something to customise the outside, but I'm not sure I can bring myself to do that to a FF... Loving the pic of Ljubljana

  2. This is a great hack. I'll be using it next month. Thanks for sharing.

  3. thanks for sharing, a great idea!

  4. Thank you all for commenting! I'm so glad if you found the idea new and useful!

    @LJ - excellent decision to stop being mean to your AQUAMARINE (already looks better, doesn't it?!) Domino! ;) I, too, cannot imagine to put something on the front of any Filofax... so I keep the Dominoes mostly open, they're so much prettier on the inside, he he!
    Hm, and DO COME to Ljubljana, it's even prettier in person! :)

    @RAY - You're welcome, and think of me next month! :)

    @JOURNAL88 - you're welcome, you owe me one! ;)

  5. I just made of your mini binders and was delighted to find there was enough waste left over to cut and punch 4 flyleaves for personal or pocket filofaxes. Thanks again for a great idea.

  6. Ray,
    you won't believe me, but I was just making lists to find out how many various transparent flyleaves I must order! I alone would n.e.v.e.r. get the idea you gave me!
    (Btw, I love transparent flyleaves as dashboards that I put in the middle of my current WO2P - I put post-it to-dos on them and can still see the other half of the week...)

    A big thank you TO YOU, and let me also say: you have amazing blog and unbelievable ideas! It's so great to find that after Filofaxes' 90th birthday there's still so much to be invented and that you invented so much of it! Thank you!

  7. You're very kind. I've always used these things to cut down as flyleaves:

    You can also cut them out including a top or side tab to make really cool transparent dividers. Put labels on the tabs and they just seem to hang in the air!

  8. Thank you for the link, I'll go for them!
    Yes, that's the very impression I'd love to get: the tabs that hang in the air! How did you know?! :)

    Ray, will you do a post on yours maybe? I'd love to see it!

    And there's another challenge, are you willing to share any possible idea, please?
    Namely, I can find nowhere the ff transparent dividers that have replaceable paper tabs; any idea on diy? :)

  9. I LOVE this idea! But one question, don't the prongs need bigger holes? I started thinking of all the binders I could make like this but don't want to mess up inserts I haven't used yet.

    Thanks again!

  10. @Jen: I bought a pack of folders from Sainsbury's. The plastic prongs are only 5mm wide, thin enough to fit through Filofax holes with ease. The real issue is the spacing, because the binder comes equipped to bind standard A4 punched paper. A little bending is required to make it fit the filofax holes, but that's easy enough.

    @ Vanjilla: Leave it with me!

  11. OK, I've posted the method:

    Tell me more about the replaceable paper tabs.

  12. Wow, great hack & thanks for sharing!
    Happy New Year (nearly) :)

  13. Anita, I'm glad if it's of any help!
    And a very happy new year to you, too! :)

  14. You'll be pleased to know that I am currently trialling a one life on filo principle in my slate Domino :o) (I will eventually move it to the green thing at some point for a week or so to make sure it doesn't feel too left out) lol xxx

  15. Oooh, LJ, I am so pleased indeed! :) Will you make a post about it, please? :)
    (And if you motivate me to downsize my number of filofaxes, I'll be grateful till the rest of my life...!)
    And my warmest regards to your AQUAMARINE Domino, lol!