Jun 12, 2012

"Friday's Filofax Poll" Results!

Thank you, friends,
for participating in the poll, I really appreciate it!

There was 30 of you which means I could use the statistics for a small group without a problem, yay! :)

So, your answers to the question about how much time do you daily spend online on the search for one or more Filofaxes were as follows:

* 33% of you spend up to 30 minutes,
* 43 % of you spend between 30minutes and an hour,
* 20% spend from 1 up to 3 hours and
* 1 participant (3%) spends more than 4 hours daily.

I didn't take part in the poll - you know, 'just standing in the corner and looking', hehe - and besides there even isn't a category to describe my Filofax-searching obsession habits!

Anyway, given that 76% of you spend daily only something between 0 and 60 minutes, I'd just say - wow, I really must start practicing some self-control real soon!

Based on these results, the obligatory further research suggestion is as follows:
if only 3 percents (or so) of us is glued to the web regarding Filofaxes-to-be-bought, how come do I always get outbid on eBay?! :-)

Thank you again for sharing, and do remember to come back this Friday for the next Poll!

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