Jun 8, 2012

New Feature: Friday Filofax Poll!

Good morning, buttercups!

Long - term observations of my Filofax condition lead me to the idea of establishing Friday Filofax Polls on my blog. Out of curiosity, to help me decide on some matters, for the sheer fun of it AND as a reality check from you, my inmates! ;-)

So, the first poll in the row is asking you: how much time do you spend browsing the internet in search of the Filofaxes?

(And don't ask me where the question came from, he he!)

I'll appreciate it if you take part with your answers, and the comments are very welcome!


  1. Hi Vanjilla - good question. Despite having a good collection of Finchley, I still check for it everywhere and watch every bid on ebay on the Finchley even if I have the same size and colour. I always feel the one on sale is of much better quality than the one I already have!! That's how bad the obsession is...

  2. It has become a default action when I'm at a puter with nothing to do. Just check ebay.... City Organiser.... Filofax......

  3. Ebay and Philofaxy are permanently open tabs on my computer. (:

  4. When I'm not sleeping... or shopping... but then I have a good excuse!

    Steve aka Philofaxy Steve!

  5. Thank you guys!

    @filofit - so this is actually happening to someone else, too? I pretend to watch them as a research of the market for when I'm going to sell them. Yeah right.

    @Angel Jem - a default action, indeed!

    @D - :)))))

    @Steve - just between us: here in our house I'll probably say that Philofaxy Steve is actually me, I have no other excuse left! :)

  6. I'm sort of on a constant search. I don't buy them (usually) my obsession is mostly about lovingly gazing


  7. I find myself searching all over creation to see what my next obsession will be and then I try to read all about it...spending way to much time doing it!

    1. @Tracy - if you only tell me how to convert my obsession into yours...!
      @DEM - exactly my kind of therapy; and in the breaks between the two sessions I order randomly all over eBay and FF sites!!! :-)