Aug 3, 2012

Friday's Filofax Poll #5

Good morning, my dear friends,

it's been a while and it's time to start again! :)

So please, take a sip of your coffee, join the poll and let me know:

have you ever bought a "copy" of your already present Filofax organiser (meaning the same model, size and colour) just because you loved it and wanted to have a back up (or just in case this particular model vanishes from the planet)?


  1. My Baroques! Bought the pink then had to buy the turquoise!!

  2. Happily, no, not in the same color. (:

  3. I actually did this with my personal Ochre Malden - my first had seemed too dry for me and generally looked way too beaten up despite the fact that it was new. So I took a gamble and bought a second one from a different supplier (American seller on ebay), whose images online all appeared to be of much healthier looking ochres (hence the gamble - online pictures can be deceiving). It was well worth the risk because it came to me looking far better than my first.

    ...I ended up selling the original, however, as it just didn't feel right keeping two of the same. It's funny, but owning two of what is undoubtedly one of my favourite FFs actually seemed to reduce its value to me...always knowing there was a back-up meant my binder was somehow less precious.

  4. I have two grey A5 Maldens, the only difference is their ring size, one is 25 mm the other is the correct size 30 mm. It was a mistake in the early first batch, so they sent me the 30mm one free of charge. But I got to keep the 25 mm one and I can't part with it.

  5. @Amanda: I definitely know what you mean - the Baroques are a terrible infection! :)

    @Whispering Rabbit: it's a funny effect, isn't it: it's so precious you buy it twice, and then the allure vanishes... and I'm usually left with a hangover afterwards!

    @Alice - firstly - I'm sorry, Alice, I must've accidentally erased your comment! Doh! But I remember you commenting on buying the same model in various colours and sizes. And I'd say, yes, that definitely counts, it's just a bit milder stage of the addiction! :)

    @Steve: hmmm, definitely a built-in mistake that I'd ask for deliberately! Why doesn't it happen to me, instead of the eternal mistaking between A5 and Personal size on eBay???