May 16, 2012

2012 2DPP: It all started with Adrian Mole

AdrianRemember Adrian Mole? It was the first diary I ever read, I was about 8 then and I found it hilarious. And of course I have kept my very own secret diary more or less constantly ever since!
I loved using thick books that contained a year or even more of my entries, but their non-portability slowly turned me away from writing regularly.

But I'm not whole without it, really!

So after having started to use my Filofax, I figured the best way to make sure I'll keep a diary is to insert a few empty pages so I can put my thoughts down anywhere, anytime. 
It really has worked so far and after a test period I decided to make a journal a constant feature of my Filofax. It was there and then that I started to test various layouts (plain white paper; plain ruled paper; plain white paper with date printed on the top - day per page; Ray's fabulous TM day per page).

Nothing seemed to work though: either the pages were too empty, or too crowded, or the printed date was to small or too awkward, or it just wasn't looking good... (Or maybe it was just me being uninspired!)
So one morning I  printed out the oversized dates in my favourite font, cut them out and made them like stickers using double - sided scotch tape. I stuck two dates on each ruled page trying not to be too neat (artistic effects and stuff, haha).

As a result I basically have a clumsy lined 2DPP journal, but as it is less formal and more relaxed, I feel more drawn towards it and even began to write less conventionally since using it (well, but I definitely won't do a "wreck your journal" with this one, haha).

Hm, wondering which Filofax Adrian Mole would use as his diary?!


  1. I love that you're posting regularly again!

    My childhood loves were Enid Blyton and Anne of Green Gables. Made me want to be a writer as a young girl.

    Is there a common thread here -- Filofax lovers are writers, and writer wannabes?

    (Hope you don't feel like I'm stalking you, commenting as often as I have.)

  2. Thank you, Doris! Enid Blyton? My obsession as well! And so many common threads here indeed - ain't life just grand???
    (ad your stalking theory: finally finding like-minded people - it's great. So thank you thank you thank you! :) )