May 5, 2012

"A bright color to bring you back to life after a dismal winter"

A certain conversation over at Philofaxy last year got stuck in my mind ever since:

"Alexandra asks:
Say if you have 6 personals or whatever do you change them according to your mood?..."

And somewhere in the comments, Saffronia answers:

"I put my own little twist on that to justify owning 4 personal Filos.
One for each season will allow the upkeep of each organiser.
Teal Finchley for the spring, a bright color to bring you back to life after a dismal winter.
Gooseberry Domino for the summer, as it is easy to clean and quite lightweight.
A Green Epping for the fall. A little bit collegiate and great in contrast to the amber autumn skies.
An Almond Amazona to fit the very classic fashion of the crisp winter.
Itr just seems so fitting, no?"

Isn't she genius? 

And so I was left longing for a Personal Finchley in Teal. I did wait and search for it for long months and when I finally got one, it was mid Autumn. Couldn't be further away from the teal-time, could it! So I waited patiently, eager for the first smell of spring to come so I could activate it, it was so beautiful!

I did transfer all my stuff into it in March:


I tried to re-create the warm sweepings of spring, hence the new green leafy dividers and the pen that reminded me of the early morning sky.
And since I usually don't use the zippered pockets for anything practical, I figured the Finchley's mesh pocket at the back would be perfect for a flowery scented bag.
I picked sweet peas and I know, Finchley has a beautiful leather smell by itself alone, but having sweet peas wafting out of the pages and my handbag from time to time is so heart warming! 

I guess this would have been a perfect romance (Finchleys are amazing!) hadn't I  met someone else instead while waiting for the right time for our date (what a moral of the story!). And so, instead of a delightful, longingly awaited transfer, there was a lot of heartbreak when emptying out the Piccadilly.

This will not last and I just wanted to do it since it was planned for so long, I wouldn't forgive myself if I hadn't even tried and then later found myself longing for it in October again. But despite all its beauty, this lovely Finchley and I don't connect at all and I feel as if being forced into a relationship (gosh, hear how that sounds!). So while my Piccadilly is having a retreat and many facials, I struggle here. :)  


  1. Hi again! Lovely, lovely Finchley. Looks so spring-like too with your dividers and pen. I'm green with envy. I've had my eye on a personal teal Finchley for some time, but have had no luck getting one at the price I'm willing to pay. I just won a green one though, not sure if it's the jade, so I'm excited to try out the Finchley. I've read some very good reviews about it.

    Why don't you love it though? I guess with the Piccadilly and Amazona, the Finchley has some tough competition huh? (:

  2. Hey, indeed, the Finchley is just lovely, and I'm sure you won't regret buying it, even if it's in Soft Jade - and so we'll both be green, lol!
    I think the main reason I didn't get a grip from it is the pocket layout - for some strange reason I'm totally into horisontal pockets... and a button on the clasp! :)
    Gosh, I sound really spoilt now, even I didn't like the sound of it!
    Hm, maybe the real problem is in owning too many binders - then you get picky, irrational and indecisive! :)
    Which makes me think - with your Baroques, Amazonas and Finchley coming... my oh my, you have an impressing garage! (here comes the green eyed monster again...) :)

  3. I do understand about being "spoilt" with filos, but isn't it great to have choices? (:

    I'm almost at saturation point with my purchases now. I have some pastels and neutrals, and am covered on the sizes front. (My wallet is heaving a sigh of relief.)

    1. I soooooo love how you put it, Doris: "I have some pastels and neutrals, and am covered on the sizes front." :))))
      I'll definitely copy and paste and paste and paste this one! *

    2. Ha ha, copy and paste away (: I hope I don't eat my words and get more. (:

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  5. @vanjilla it is beautiful! Really really beautiful your Finchley! I totally hear you on the pocket layout. I love my Baroque but can't seem to make it work with those vertical pockets. Two spoiled ones here ;)

    @doris98 which ones do you have? I love "pastels and neutrals" too but they aren't very easy to find are they? I'm curious to see your beauties :)

  6. This is such a beautiful colour and perfect for spring. What's your summer filo going to be? Do tell :o)

  7. @LimeTree: The collection has grown quite a bit in the last few months, I'm almost embarrassed for anyone to see. (: The neutrals are Amazonas, Maldens and a Balmoral (a recent score). The pastels are the Classics and a recent jade Finchley purchase. And of course the beautiful Baroques. Maybe I should put up a Flicker account soon.

    @vanjilla: There are quite a few Baroque lovers reading your blog! (:

  8. I like the Baroque too! I've also got a personal teal Finchley and I've actually never used it. It's a bit heavy for my bag and I intended to set it up as my 'Happiness Project' binder, but I never got round to it! I will do eventually...

  9. Yay for my readers and your comments: YAY! :) Thank you!

    @Lime Tree: thank you, the colour truly is lovely and I'm so glad to have an amigo in The Spoilt Club! :) So what is the matter with those vertical pockets then? It's the only reason I still haven't bought a Baroque in personal... do you think it can be cured? :)

    @LJ: gosh, I AM that predictable, am I? :)))

    isn't that awful: one gathers an amazing collection and then hides it away from others' shocked eyes (OK, in the pangs of guilt I sometimes hide them even from myself!)... That's why my life changed for the better with you guys, I can share and get enabled, such a bliss! :)
    Ahh, what a collection you have, I'd call them the best of the Filofax's world! How are you satisfied with your Finchley?
    You know I've been harassing you for a while now about putting up your own blog to show them... well, for the beginning, a Flickr account would be perfect! Please!:)
    Hehe, true, I'll start considering a Baroque meet up! :)

    Welcome the the Baroque's Fan Club! :)
    It is heavy, the beautiful Finchley, and the colour itself really calls for it to be a happiness project... Will you do it Gretchen Rubin's or some other way?

  10. I just did a count and I was surprised at how many I have. I need to rotate like crazy if I want to give them all the love they deserve.

    I'm waiting for 4(!) filofaxes in the mail at the moment, including the Finchley, which I'm super excited about. I dismissed the Finchley for so long, and now I'm hunting down the colors I want all over the globe, just like the Baroques, and I'm still scouring the world for a pink personal. I'm a little late in the game for a lot of the models (: So I'll be testing them out like crazy as they arrive.

    I'm such a bad photographer though, just never got into it, that I'm quite hesitant to post on Flickr, or consider a blog. But I'll see if I can get some decent shots to put up on Flickr.

    Thanks for your sweet words! It's great to find someone who shares your passions/interests/obssessions!

    (Long reply, sorry.)

  11. Doris, 4 Filofaxes on their way - I envy you so much! :)
    And you already have a Blamoral - need I say more? :) Which one do you have? I am posessed by it, but the prices they reach are just too high!
    I saw your photos and they're just great. Full stop. :)
    (And plesae, some more long replies, ok? :))

  12. Hi again! The Balmoral was a steal! The seller didn't describe it fully so there were no other bidders aside from myself. I was actually quite surprised to win it. It's a pocket in brown. 3-4 weeks before I get it in my grubby little hands though, the waiting is agony.

    Here's a link to another one, very cheap postage too. Good luck!


  13. Thank you for the heads up! I'll see what my impulses will be on this one, I don't know why I'm not a brown colour person... !

    Argh to your 3-4 weeks of waiting though, I definitely can imagine how much you like it!
    If it's any comfort: I was awaiting a certain binder for 2 weeks (you know: the daily "I can feel it will come today" mantra going on and then the long nose and hysteric tantrums at the empty mail box) when the seller contacted me with the message that the package has been returned to him for no known reason!! It took another 3 weeks for the binder to arrive and my mood swings about it were just unbearable!

  14. I myself have stayed away from black filos, after using one for years. But brown I can still live with. 5 weeks is agony! If only express mail was cheaper!