May 31, 2012

Filofax Ascot A5 (Part 2- Setup)

Hello, my friends,

thank you for all your lovely comments on my first post about the Ascot, they confirmed how ageless this model is, still so popular and going through a style evolution with already well known Amazona and now also Osterley!

I'll just give you a short tour around it's interior so you can see it completely.

It has two pen loops and generous pockets on the left side at the front - for 5 credit cards, a bigger pocket where I keep my Bic, secretarial pocket and a full length zippered one as well. At the back it has a notepad pocket.

I knew what I would be using it for from the very beginning: it looked so serious yet so glamourous, so glossy yet so worn, and the perfect size for it to be my "studies" Filofax - I use it when I study for a current exam. 

It is therefore set up as folows:

( Diary, Notes, Texts, Documents and Info.)

I use a month on two pages diary to keep global track of important dates and tasks; I made it myself and have printed it on A4 paper without cutting it - I just folded the page, punched it and glued together the bottom side. Namely, I wanted to get pockets so I can put various papers and receipts (from library, for example) into a certain month's pocket.

I then also use Steve and Ray's excellent Enhanced TM week per view diary insert. I tried using it in my everyday Filo, but it didn't work because I got so used to the standard Filofax w2p and 4 sectors of daily space that anything else confused me too much.

For studying, however, this insert is priceless because you can state goals and subgoals and all the steps that are required to achieve them in a very visual manner:

The following sections are quite self explanatory, I think:

my Notes are mainly my reading notes on the ordinary ruled paper, along with my ideas about the research I plan to do.

Texts are the printouts of some of the online literature and the parts I want to read (and reread) more often.

Documents section keeps various forms, documents (or photocopies of them) and papers I'll need at some point and the Info section keeps a few of the address sheets with various contact info, web sites, literature I need, etc. 

Plus the handy notepad at the back.

There, it's really simple, isn't it? :)


  1. Where did you get your sticky tab things from! Love the filo btw :)

  2. Thank you, Alice! The tabs are from Avery:

    They come in many sizes, shapes and colours and are available on amazon as well - recommended!

  3. Loving the Ascot more and more!

  4. I love your idea of the monthly pockets! So clever and practical!

  5. @Doris - and the good news is (at least in Personal size) they appear quite often on eBay! :)

    @blog - thank you, I'm glad if you can adapt it for your needs!

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