May 23, 2012

My Favourite Pens in My Filofaxes

 A short while ago someone asked me about the pens I use in my Filofax - so here they come:

PICTURE 1: Pens I can't be without.

Let's go clockwise starting with the recognizable
- Bic Orange fine line (in Piccadilly),
- Uni Ball Jetstream in black (always in my current Filo),
- Filofax Mini Barley in black (in mini Balmoral),
- Online mini pen in black (in mini pink Baroque),
- Penac Chubby mechanical pencil,
- Parker Urban in black (always in my current Filo),
- Uni Ball Eye in blue,
- Maped 4 Colour pen (ALWAYS in my current Filo; I keep it in the rings and as it is chunky it stays there plus I really got used to the colours - therefore - no more Bic 2- or 4- colour and no Pilot Coleto for now), and
- a Betty Boop pen that my baby grabbed in a store which I only noticed at the counter - and was so proud of her for it! :)

Then there's PICTURE 2: Pens I love, but are mostly stay-at-home pens:

- Lamys in prune and pink,
- Pigma Micron 005,
- Schneider black and red - such a great shape!,
- Parker Jotter White and Emerald and
- Uni Ball Signo in blue and pink plus
-a Uni Ball Cricket in blue.

Need I say more about my favourites? I'm definitely a ballpoint pen person, gel-pens being close seconds as I think they improve my handwriting... and I definitely reccomend these as everyday pens:

I find Uni Ball pens absolutely a dream: they write smoothly, without bleed through on FF white paper, the inks are in beautiful hues, the barrels are a pleasure - and they are cute!

If you had to pick your top 3 Filofax everyday pens - which ones would you recommend? 


  1. Hi! I use a 0.7 purple Frixion refill in a 0.5 purple Frixion barrel - it's so important to me to be able to erase things! I also love the Bic 4 colour pens (used to use them all the time before I found the Frixions) and I've also used a Platinum Double R3 Action multipen which has a black refill, red refill and a mechanical pencil with rubber. I found the pens a bit scratchy in this one, but the whole package is so neat!

    Lovely pictures BTW. X

    1. Thank you, Lucy!
      I loved the Frixions, too, but froze when someone on Philofaxy told the writing was disappearing under the summer sun...???

  2. I'm a Uniball fan myself. I love the Style Fit inks and have put them in Pilot Coleto barrels so I carry 8 colors, plus pencil and eraser. The inks are smooth, don't skip and don't bleed on any kind of paper. They're pretty reasonable too from where I got them.

    I journal with a Lamy fountain pen. It feels nostalgic to write with them. And their performance is superb for the price.

    I tried the 4-color Bic in both fashion and standard colors but the nib was too wide (I prefer 0.4 or 0.5), they skipped, and they don't write immediately. It's a bummer because they're quite cute too.

    Heads up on more multi-pens: the Muji 6-barrels (count 'em, 6!) come in ballpoint, and their gel ink refills fit as well. There are 3 kinds -- long barrel with pink/orange/yellow/green/aqua + pencil, long barrel with black/blue/red/pink/orange/aqua, and short barrel with purple/pink/green/aqua/orange/red. As usual with Muji, unmarked clear barrels with sleek design.

    1. I love your hack and Coletos which are nowhere to be found around here... but for now I don't even try to order them from outside of the EU - I once wanted to order Pentel Kerry from the US and the customs charge was between 30-40 Euro!!

      I've been hallucinating about Muji gel pens for a while now because of their minimalistic design exactly and almost fainted now reading about the multipens you described. :)

      But will have to find a collaborator in the UK first - the constant curse: if it isn't customs, it's the postage. Can you imagine that if I order Muji pens for up to 20 GBP, the postage would be around 25GBP? :)

      I must put on my Filofax To-Do's to check WHEN (NOT TO MENTION HOW) EXACTLY SLOVENIA WAS THROWN ONTO ANOTHER PLANET. Amazing.

      (Sorry about that. :) )

  3. I am not so much into pens but one of my all time favourites is the orange Bic (sad I know, pen aficionados would reel in horror). I love the fine point, the pale blue colour of the ink and knowing it is reliable and if the paper gets wet it won’t run. They are a bit harder to find these days but I always go back to them. I also prefer blue ink, for some reason I never use black ink if I can help it.

    For my Filofaxes I have two Cross Masquerade pens, the black one and peacock green one but I swapped over the ink from medium black to fine blue however the blue is a really dull shade. I much prefer the blue of my orange Bics.

    I also have the 4-colour Bics and use them to add colour.

    After reading how fabulous the Lamy’s are I also have a couple of them though they are not much good on Filo paper so don’t get the use they deserve.

    1. "pen aficionados would reel in horror"

      Surely not?! Bic biros are my all-time star biro, the texture and depth of colour in the inks, the functionality, ease of availability... anyone disliking them is writing off what (to my mind) is a superb piece of craftsmanship and the leader in its field. I bet if they cost 20x the price, and were only available in limited amounts, people would be going mad for 'em!

      Personally I like Bic Crystal ballpens, just for the look, and because my spidery writing looks better when not in fine-line!

    2. The Bics were my favorite while in school. I saw some in some fun colors, but store assistant said with blue ink in them (I also don't like black). Maybe I should take a closer look (:

    3. Yay, girls, I'm not alone in Bic Orange Club! :)
      I definitely agree, Shanananana: had they been more expensive and labeled as vintage...

  4. I have a parker with a blue gel insert - but I have just spent the last 20 minutes trying to see if I can get those Muji 6-barrels here in NZ. I tried the Bic 4-colour ones, but they never seem to stay the same colour. Within a few weeks (or miles of use?) the blue goes a nasty shade.

  5. I always use a Lamy Safari fountain. The 2012 apple green was delivered today and I plan to fill it with Noodler's Cactus Green Eel ink.

    1. Apple green Lamy with Cactus Green Eel ink??!!

      *dashes off to find them both*

  6. @pseudonz: I don't know if you found Muji in NZ. I got mine from a local Muji, but Muji UK delivers, here's their site

  7. Uniball pens. My sons both have spiders they have trained to do their writing and Uniball pens actually make the script legible. I wish I could think they were already in training to be doctors, but, alas, I think they're just rubbish handwriters...

    1. Uniball definitely makes the script legible...
      Well... I'm a rubish handwriter and work in medicine - I guess your sons have just passed the main exam! :)

  8. I can't live without my Pilot G-2 (0.5). I always keep these in my filo. Love Uniballs too!

    1. True, Kelly, both is such an everything-proof choice!

  9. @vanjilla: Check your email. (:

  10. I love my BIC 4 colour pens, and any other BIC biros that I have used - love the BIC crystals. I keep promising myself that I will get a decent fountain pen and start being a proper functioning adult, but all I can do is remember how much I hated writing with fountain pens at school. I bought a cheap one the other day but don't like it at all as it misses half of certain letters - and I don't think it is the pen that is the problem, I just think it's the way I write - guess I will have to stick to being a child :o)

  11. LJ,
    when I was in school, we were only allowed to write with fountain pens - ballpoints were reserved for the last year and were considered as a cool sign of being grown up! :-)

  12. I'm a big fan of the Uni Ball pens, they are great for giving my filofax some colour :)