Jul 3, 2012

Friday's Filofax Poll Results: Is There Such Thing As A Filofax Cemetery?

Hello my friends,

here we have the results of the last Friday's poll asking about ruining Filofaxes: 3 people out of 27 (which is interesting 12%, mind you!) DID ruin a Filofax helplessly in their Filofax career so far!
(And thank you very much guys for taking part in the poll, I really appreciate it! Nothing is as precious as another person's response...)

These last results therefore led me wondering, where do broken Filofax binders go? Is there such thing as a Filofax Cemetery?

1 comment:

  1. I have actually tossed a Filofax Pocket Sport in the bin (horrors!), my daughter's. Like my Domino, the suede was peeling and it was quite DEAD! (: To explain, she used it all through college and it graduated with her, and just had to retire. It was beyond saving! I have no regrets. (:

    The lesson I learned is two-fold: (1) don't buy the suede filos because it will not withstand our humid, tropical climate, and (2) fondle and handle your filos so they don't end up that way.