Jul 1, 2012

End Of June: Sand In My Daugther's Little Hands, In My Jeans And In My Filofax

June is over, and I wish it had lasted a bit longer.
Because June is when the lime trees scent the evenings. June is when peonies on the marketplace remind me of my grandma's house and my childhood. June is when my heartbeat slows down and melts with the beat of the lazy city preparing for the hot long summer.
June is when I can spend my free mornings with my little girl in the sandbox and afternoons in the shade of the ancient old trees, watching her sitting proudly on a swing all on her own in the soft afternoon light.

And since June is also time for my faded jeans and new flip-flops... well, then June surely is time for a new Filofax, too!

I love leather binders, not only because they are so very tactile but because they seem so reliable, too, in keeping all my records. But, see, since everything seems to be moving into a lighter version these days - my binder did, too.

I'm talking about Personal Filofax Urban in Slate; it's an old (and again a discontinued - such a pattern here!) model I heard much praise about, and on flickr there are some good shots of it, while Nancy re-designed hers geniously.
And so having read all these quite a while ago, one day, trying to choose my "summer filo", the idea of the Urban came to my mind. It just seemed a perfect binder to accompany a holdall filled not only with my urban paraphernalia but mostly with my daughter's toys, bottles, biscuits and growing collection of pointy stones. Definitely not a place for the Amazona in Almond that I intended to use in the summer when still deep back in the cold winter!

I must say that I'm more than pleased with it: it is lightweight, has the same internal layout as the Amazona has plus a handy zip pocket on the back outside, and the canvas is lovely made; I wasn't too keen on the colour first when I saw it online, but it is a nice light shade of grey, much more feminine than I expected (and prepared myself for it to be).

So let the pictures do the rest of the talking! Here's my Urban in action:

As my setup usually stays the same not matter which binder is currently active, the only thing I did change were my dividers; given the binder's name, colour and materials I went for something urban and cheery and tore some ads out of the magazines and just glued them on the original Filofax dividers. 

As I already mentioned above, there's a handy zippered outside pocket on the back of the binder. It is a gusseted one, too, so you could use it for coins if you used this one as a wallet, too; I just keep my driving licence in there (and please remind me where it is if I happen to forget I put it in here, haha)!

 (please forgive the bananas and pears, I meant to capture the Urban in action only! :-)  )

There. A huge fan of a Personal size, I guess I could say that I'm filofax-done for the summer. But that would be just plain old boring, wouldn't it? :-)
Apart from my Compact experiment that is still to be run, I'm also still trying to figure the Pocket size in my spare time.
So if I promised plans B and C last time - I think the alphabet is only getting longer from post to post, haha!

(But since these funny little things named Filofax make my day... what the heck , right?) 


  1. The Urban does look very "urban". (: And those tabs are very cute, you always make your filos look colorful and interesting.

    June here is rain alternating with heat. Your June sounds so much better.

    1. Doris, you'll have to come and meet our mild June!!!

  2. Ooohhh, I like your new blog page and now I want to visit Ljubljana in June.

    The Urban seems to have been over looked. I bought one for my brother who uses it for work and thinks it is great although he does not get all excited about ‘Filofax Personal Organisers’. Strange really, lol.

    I wish they would put that outside pocket on other binders, it would be so handy to have access to it without having to actually open the binder itself.

    1. Hello Saffy, great to hear from you again!
      I've been wanting to go more minimalistic with the blog design for a long time, but just never had the inspiration for it - I guess it's some kind of a new-bloggers identity crisis, haha! I'm very glad if you like it!
      (And to have a partner in Filofax Urban delight, this one has been overlooked indeed!)

      A hint: Ljubljana is like Billy Idols "Hot In The City" till late September... and a Filofax meet-up here is much much needed! :)

  3. Next time my husband and I drive to Zadar to visit his relatiaves we will stop for a mini meet up in Ljubljana :) To be honest I would rather not visit until it has cooled down, if Split and Zadar are anything to go by then I know what you mean, way too hot for me.

    1. Definitely, when you pass Ljubljana, let me know! :)
      And don't worry, we're not as hot as Split or Zadar, we only get a bit over 30 degrees! ;)

  4. I like the photo with the bananas and pears best. I love the contrast between the utilitarian grey and the happiness of the yellow. Is there sand in your filofax? How lovely.

    1. Thank you, Angel Jem! In Psychology Of Perception classes I was once taught that grey makes the best colour background, enhancing all the other colours... bananas and pears must've heard about it, hehe... And yes,there actually is sand in my Filofax almost daily. And I love it, too!