Jul 12, 2012

Friday's Filofax Poll Results: You Stalker You!

Hello, dearies,
this week took me a bit longer to sum up the results; my sister's wedding is due next week so you can imagine my Filofax is bursting sparks from to-do's overload and the frequency and speed of my page-turning!

Anyway, here are the results to the question what kind of a Filofax buyer you are:

* 5% of you are absolute impulse buyers,
* 8 % of you decide in a day or two,
* 13% of you take a week or so to see a binder, like it, want it and buy it,
* 51% stalk upon the liked one for weeks on blogs and other web sites and
* 21% buy 1 or even less a year.

Great and interesting results, aren't they? A BIG THANK YOU to all 37 participants for taking your time - you really made my day!