Jul 6, 2012

Friday's Filofax Poll #4

Good morning, sweeties,

another Friday, another nosy question of mine!

Are you an impulse Filofax buyer? Or do you make a case study on your new-binder-to-be before actually purchasing one?

I'd love to hear your answers and comments! Thank you, and have a great Friday*


  1. Both...sad but true. I knew I wanted the Purple Finchley Personal and I 'studied' the Maldens from all the blog posts and then purchased a pocket one. I also 'studied' the Chameleon for awhile; I knew I wanted the Aqua in Personal size but I so love my Personal Finchleys that I wasn't sure I would like the Chameleon as much. But then I saw all the Aqua's popping up on blogosphere and knew I had to have one. But while all this 'studying' is going on that means I am perusing blogs and websites that sell them and of course I can't pass up a good deal! So I impulse bought an A5 Chocolate Finchley and I would impulse buy a Personal Ranger if I could find one. My impulse purchases are motivated by good prices and wanting what everyone else has. hahahahaha Oh, and after studying the Chameleon (which I do like) I figured I had studied enough when it went 30% off on the US Filofax site. So I purchased and of course it was 50% off the following week! Oh, well! If you impulse you might loose on a sale but then if you study too long they might sell out of the color/size you want so (which has happened to me) so it's like a game and I'm in so deep. :)

  2. Cheryl, I couldn't agree more! And I'm in very deep, too! Good to know I have company!!! :)