Oct 26, 2012

A Child In Me: Artbox Delivery!

I'm not into Kawaii stationery that much. I already said that it has to be from years of being a Morning Glory devotee.

But recently the playful part of me started to counterfeit the sober one. It probably has to do with infamous foggy days here, too, that begin with the end of October and last till February!!!
And, without a doubt, with much enabling help from lovely Angela who polished the art of Lady-With-A-Hint-Of-Kawaii to perfection!

I simply longed for a bit of cheerfulness and design in otherwise quite simple ways of my planner. So here's my little Artbox delivery:

 Notepads have two different designs of paper. Great for my to-dos!

 Sticky notes.

And finally some stickers:
 Don't you just love this heavy-weight champion??

The one showing his back looks just like my daughter in her payjamas! :)

I hope it cheered you up, too!


  1. This is to cuuuute! Look at the pajama one! Too much! I am already in love with your daughter's cuteness! :D

    1. :D and the two of you have so much in common!!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ah, Angela, at least once the process goes the other way round... usually it's me,staying motionless with your posts in front of me! :) x