Oct 21, 2012

All Stars Guest Post: Paperlovestory - My Filofax Story

Hello, Sweethearts! Another round of All Stars Guest Posts is here and guess what? It's from Angela! :) Which means our eyes will rest again at the sight of her beauties - don't you just love her?! :)

I started university back in 2009 and I was always quite an organised individual. I’d used bound planners from Hong Kong in the past and I loved how cute they were. But one thing I disliked was how I had to change it every year and thus, would have to transfer all my important information once a year. Not only was this time consuming, it also irked me as I don’t like wasting time like this!The obvious solution was to get a Filofax and I did. My first one was a personal Raspberry Finsbury and although I loved the colour of it, I just didn’t like the style. It was at this time, that I discovered the Finchley range and coincidentally, found a personal Vintage Rose Finchley on eBay. I sniped and consequently won it. And I fell in love (and not for the first time, it will appear later on).

Having used the Finchley for six months after procuring it, I fell in love with the whole range. The leather was soft and the colours available in this style were appealing to me. And so I purchased the Teal and Jade, both in the personal size.

Next, came the €9 sale at Filofax Germany and who could resist a deal like that? I acquired another two binders and before I knew it, my collection swelled in size. It took me until May 2012 to find ‘the one’ - the plum Osterley. The personal was my first one in that size and I loved the colour and the leather.

However, I found the rings too big. I lugged around information that wasn’t necessary and it hurt my shoulder, a lot! And as if the Filofax Gods had heard my concerns, a Slimline Deco arrived on eBay and of course, it ended up in my hands. A Deco? For that price? Not just a Deco; a Slimline Amethyst Deco! If I had to choose a Deco colour, I would have gone for the Amethyst anyway so I was chuffed to say the least.

Honestly, I love it. The ring size is small but that is fine - the portability wins hands down. But this isn’t the end of the story! My Finchleys had to be returned to Filofax as the leather wore down so quickly! Too quickly considering I had only had them for just over two years and so, I received a Compact plum Osterley as a replacement.

So, is this where the story ends? Of course not! But it is where it ends for the time being. I don’t know where my story will lead. I have three organisers to play with now. The personal Osterley will, inevitably, turn into my ‘Me’ binder but what will become of my Compact Osterley? The Deco Slimline works as my diary and I would like to keep it that way due to its portability... This leaves two possibilities; the Compact Osterley will either become an orphan or it will see a lot of use - but doing what?
Only time will tell.

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  1. I too am a fan of the Finchleys. No other style has this same color range. Lovely post!