Oct 4, 2012

Top Tabs à la Angela

I'm not into using stickers in my filofax very much; it probably has something to do with the fact that I've used Morning Glory organizers and stationery for years while still in school and I feel so grown up now! :)

But a certain post of Angela from Paperlovestory - you all know her ! :)  - left me craving to have a glimpse of such cuties back in my planner. So ahead I went and copied her (among other things, but not today about those) with these:

I wanted to use them both as my sticky notes and as my top tabs and while they were cute stickies, they didn't work out for me as the tabs I visualised. The reason was they didn't stick on paper too well, they kept falling off and they covered too much of the page they were on - both is proved here:

No go, right? So when I abandoned the idea, a few days later the inspiration returned in the form of a transparent bookmark I use.

So this is what I did: I cut off the poor kitten's head, stuck it on a transparent flyleaf with double sided tape and cut it out with a bit longer transparent body so I could stick it onto the page using the clear double sided tape again. Better! :) 

And this is how my top tabs peek out of my filofax; much less scary than an ordinary tab saying "Finance", isn't it? :)


  1. Those are adorable. I also thought about making the purchase but I knew they wouldn't stick as well as they did for Angela. Maybe I'll try them out later. Glad they are working for you :)

  2. Oh wow, so honoured to be mentioned :) I love what you've done with these! I have to use glue to stick them down but they are so cute, I thought they were worth it!

    Also, I'm still writing your post! (I'm making such slow progress, I know!) xxx

  3. Alondra - I knew they were risky, too. But so adorable! :D

    Angela - hehe, you're an authority here when it comes to making planners pretty - just see how shamelessly we copy you! :) And don't worry about the post - as you can see, I'm still producing mine, too! :)xx

  4. Wow, that are pretty nice sticky memo kitties !!! Want them
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  5. @Printing Ray - addictive, aren't they? :)