Oct 10, 2012

Multipens - How Did I Ever Manage Without Them?!

I wasn't much of a colour-coder before, mostly probably due to my to-do system that is still functioning well for me; therefore the common Bic Two Colour Fashion pen did the trick for me.
But then Doris sent me this lovely, lovely thing, and I'm hooked and now there are multipens everywhere!!

I wanted to share with you my favourite three of them.

My NUMBER THREE is a Twin Tip from MAPED.  

I love the four colours (I chose the girly ones, but you can get it in the classic blue-black-green-red combo as well), it writes really nicely and then there's also the fact that it is chunky enough to stay in the rings of my Filofax when on the go.

And when I came across this even girlier limited edition a couple of weeks ago...

Well, of course I had to make a stash!

My NUBER TWO goes to Clip On Slim 3Colour ZEBRA.

If you like ball points... well, from my experience, a Zebra will just never fail you. And this one is for those of you who like slim, nicely shaped pens that just melt in your hands, and the beautiful pastel colours are just another bonus.

But my NUMBER ONE is...

A 6 Colour Multipen by MUJI. This is the one that Doris gave me and I haven't been around without it ever since; I love its array of colours and design - like a sparkly rainbow space shuttle! Along with its emotional value it literally brightens my day.

Doris, thank you so so so much once again!!!

As it is chunky (and I love chunky pens!) I just stick it behind the closed clasp of my Filofax and it stays there obediently.

So, given the Muji, Zebra and my usual pen - I get to have 10 colours in my binder!
How many colours do you have inside yours?


  1. How nice! i need to give that zebra a try. I just have a bic 4 (fashion) colors and although not ideal, it is good to be able to easily color-code stuff.
    Great score on the chunky Muji one! :D

  2. Bic is such a faithful fella... but do give that Zebra a try! :) And let me know if you have trouble finding them, I'm itching to go back to that store again real soon! :)
    Haha, the Chunky Muji is The One indeed! :))

  3. Glad you like the Muji. It's a great alternative to a gel ink multi-pen isn't it? Best regards.