Oct 16, 2012

All Stars Guest Post: Lime Tree - Filofax Swap 4!

This is such a treat, people: a guest post from the JUICY LIME TREE for all of us to read! :)
I'm so fascinated by her intense character, amazing Filofax photo shoots and artwork - if you need a daily pick-me-up and a reminder for your Inner Goddess, just pay a visit to her blog! Oh, but you already know that! :)

Yessss!!!!!!! here we go!!!!

I am moving on with my Filofax Swap Saga, showing of a gorgeous Filofax AND guest posting for a blogger that totally "gets" this Filofax gorgeousness! What a treat!!!! Thank you so much Vanjilla for having me here showing it all! :D

Soooo, what came after Chamomile?

And what am I talking about, you ask.

I am talking about my quest to find the perfect Filofax fit for me.

Oh, and I said perfect! sure thing that won't happen, HA!
Which is good, thou, I can keep going with my Filofax Swap posts indefinitely, hehehe

So, here is the swap list in case you need to catch up:

So, now, let's get back to the question: What came after Chamomile?

can you guess? can you guess?

Take a peak! hehe

yessss!!!! The love of my life, BAROQUE!

Now, seriously, I am totally in love with pink, yellow, orange and the like.

Did you notice what happen there? ME with a BLACK Filofax?
That is something I had never envisioned. Only a Baroque to make me take the leap!

And I liked it :D

We had a lot of fun!

Yeah.... had, I said. :-/
That was just ONE major reason that made move out of it. And it is not even the Baroque's fault! (it is never the Baroque's fault obviously!*)

But we will get to it :)

Let's check out the good times we had:

Totally filled with good times!

I literally transfered the juices of Chamomile into the Baroque.
I still don't like those vertical slots, in case you are wondering. So I kept the pocket card slots in there for easy access.
On the left hand side I just stuffed in some informational cards, business cards and a decorative card.

I have a set of month per view and a week per view. The month per view is very straight forward - the standard one from Filofax so I am not going thru that one.

The week per view is my problem.

Since the beginning of the year I am trying to figure out what kind of combination works for me.

I need to have a glance of the week but need daily planning as well.
I tried Flavia 2 pages per day and despite of its gorgeousness I could never make it work.
Finally a couple of weeks ago I found a good home for it! :)

So, the week per view.
I certanly deeply dislike the white cheap paper with weekends squeezed in.
A while back, Josh was very nice sending me his week per view in cotton cream. Wonderful! Great paper and equalitarian distribution of space! yes!

I was happily married with that set up for a while.
I spread out my tasks throughout the week with a little check box on the side of each task. Like this:

Pretty straight forward!

It worked well for a good chunk of time.

My problem started when I couldn't do something, say on a Monday, and would re-write for Wednesday and most likely again for Friday. That, I gotta say, made me always feel very bad as I wasn't accomplishing my little deadlines. I always had to "postpone" the deadlines to later in the week. Made me feel bad.

So I decide to play a trick to disguise my mind.
What if Thursday was the final deadline but I could visually do something that implied I should start working on pieces of the task on Monday?

I then started writing my tasks along long lines that would encompass more then one day.
The page on the right was my first attempt:

See how that worked?

For example "post Spring A5" I gave myself from Thursday till Sunday to accomplish. That way I didn't feel so bad if it wasn't done on Friday; I was still on the "time-frame".
I sure got excited with my idea, but besides the fact that is a pain to turn the whole organizer to write vertically like that (and later on the neck, to read it!), I couldn't connect days from the left page to the right page.

The solution? Steve & Ray's inserts of course!
After a lot of struggle of my part and help from the authors I altered their Vertical Week Per View to look like this:

Now I could connect all the days I needed with a big line! Plus the absence of lines would help with my irregular writing. And there it is a week in use:

See that I could assign a huge task to the entire week like "prep for NY trip" at the bottom.

I was very happy with it!
No lines make me feel more comfortable to write AND I didn't feel a total failure because a task was retricted to a day and I didn't finish it that day. Very happy with it!

One thing thou: the darn rings.
I mentioned here how I really dislike those humoungous rings that don't let me write close to the edge of the pages.

My solution this time?

A mock up of the Circa system.

I did little cuts on each whole.
That way I could easily slide the pages away from the rings, write on it and put it back in place.

That worked very well for its original purpose but certainly because the design of the wholes is not made for it, I had to be careful turning pages. If I turned single pages too eagerly, they would just fly away!
I had no problems at all turning chunks of pages together.

Ok, so to almost finalize, pen loop struggle!
Why not right? I am yet to find a Filofax that holds my fat Bic 4 colors.

In this case I can't even hang it by the little "arm" because the pen squeezes my tabs. I ended up just sneaking in the pen between the snap closure and the tabs.
And it actually sits great on the tabs. It doesn't squeeze them much:

The problem is that most of the times I forget the pen is not secure at all, open the organizer and there the pen goes straight to the floor. Hehe

Now, last pic, I promise!

I know there is no need to show my stickers' storage but that is my excuse to show off that pattern gorgeousness again, hehe:

So, I got to say, all that juicy beauty and it would mostly stay closed inside my purse. Occasionally at work I would remember something and would take a quick note and put it back in the purse. 
Not fair to that gorgeousness, isn't it?

To finalize - now seriously! -  here we go, the reason I had to move out of that delicious Filofax...

pen loop? nah! 
humongous rings? .....mmmm.... well, related to it because...

...it was just TOOO HEAVY people, too heavy for me! Too bulky, too much!

(*see, it wasn't really a Baroque's issue per say, it was my struggle with personal size. Baroques are always awesome! hehe)

It certainly was VERY convenient to have all my notes with me all the time, including travel plans but oh boy...... I really couldn't handle the weight.

I love you darling Baroque but you sit prettier OPENED on my desk at home. 

So, I moved out.
If you hang around on Twitter and/or  Instagram you may had seen already where I had headed to?!


Here it is a sneak peek of what is coming next:

oh yeah!

Don't miss it! 
The saga continues. Always! :)

--------------------------> Filofax Swap 5 - A Classy Attempt! -------------------->
Coming soon , on a blog pretty close to you!

Many smooches and hugs to you all,



PS: Thanks Vanjilla again for hosting my Baroque post! I really had fun writing it :)

Dear Lime Tree, I hope this is just the beginning of your guest posting here! :)  And I'm fully inspired by your ideas again, my Sister in Baroque! :)


  1. Vanjilla sweets, you are always so nice!
    Thank you so much for hosting my post! Baroque pics really match your blog! :D

  2. Lime Tree: As a new Compact convert, I understand your dilemma. I have yet to score a personal Amazona myself, so I'm awaiting the continuation. Regards.

    1. @Doris ... wait. You didn't receive the email? *wondered why she hadn't gotten a reply* are you still interested? Will have to sic the Gmail team on my account again if you haven't gotten the email...

    2. @Yu: Never got that email! Was wondering what happened . . . (: